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  • thooperfly - Saturday 12 September 2020
    20 Oct 2007 : HB9841

    Hi there,

    Just a few words to say that the guy which I sold the bus in 97
    contacted me yesterday.
    I heard that he sold the bus to an other man in Martinique a few time
    ago but it appears that this one never used it, never notified the
    changement of owner and eventualy left the bus neglected.
    Now the police ask my correspondant to move the bus urgently or it
    will be scrapped soon.
    So please note that this bus urgently need to be moved and is
    available for probably a few cents. The floor is bad and body
    converted but the engine, axle, etc are good and clutch replaced by a
    new one a few years ago.
    The problem is that the bus is in Martinique Island...
    But if you don't want to see this interesting vehicle scrapped, please
    act now !
    Danny Chabaud.
  • thooperfly - Saturday 12 September 2020
    20 Oct 2007 : HB9841

    Thanks to David Sykes for providing the resumé and photo of this bus whilst
    with Lancaster, and to Danny Chabaud & Mike Pyatt for the two other later
    photos, in France and in Martinique.


    (c) David Sykes
    (c) Danny Chabaud
    (c) Mike Pyatt


    HB 9841
    Leyland Titan PD3/4 chassis number 581295
    East Lancs H41/32RD body number 5488

    Date of first registration. New to Merthyr Tydfil Corporation Transport, fleet
    number 105.

    Acquired from Merthyr by Lancaster City Council. Lancaster fleet number 841.

    One of the buses displayed at an event to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of
    Lancaster City Transport. It had already been withdrawn by this date but was
    retained and subsequently became the Lancaster training bus.

    To J Sykes, dealer, Carlton.

    Acquired by Kingston-upon-Hull Corporation Transport for driver training.
    Re-registered NWR 65A whilst with KHCT.

    The date to which it was last taxed in the UK. The DVLA record shows it had
    been re-registered NVS 706 by this date.

    Sold by KHCT to Carl Ireland, dealer, of Hull.

    Unknown date
    Acquired by Trans Australia Tours of Kineton Grange Farm,
    Kineton,�Warwickshire. Some work was done on the vehicle - including fitting
    a sink, a cooker and a partition on the lower deck - but the project was not
    completed. The vehicle eventually returned to Carl Ireland, date unknown.

    First seen by Danny Chabaud at Ireland's premises. Platform door missing.

    Acquired by Danny Chabaud from Carl Ireland. Taken to Kent Coachworks,
    Northfleet, for body repairs, painting and the fitting of a replacement
    platform door.

    Exported to France.

    Exported from France to Martinique.

  • thooperfly - Saturday 12 September 2020
  • thooperfly - Saturday 12 September 2020
    4 Mar 2011 : 458CLT

    Ians Bus Stop shows RMC1458 as "by 6/05 to Herve SARL, Vannes,
    France: static advert" which fits with the flickr shot. Its since
    passed to SARL LondonBus

    Paul T
  • thooperfly - Saturday 12 September 2020
    2 Mar 2011 : 458CLT

    This looks like my RMC 1458, although there were two at Le Master, only this one had a gold colour band a relic of its time on the X15 when it was converted to a bus. The other RMC 1503 is still there as far as I know.

    Brian Watkinson
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